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Recently, many of the world’s fastest-growing companies have started activities in Estonia, such as Skype, Bolt,Wise, GetId, Pipedrive or Playtech. It is Estonia that is attractive due to its developed digital infrastructure and the possibility of minimal monetary and time costs, unlike other EU countries.

Our specialists register companies in Estonia on a turnkey basis, as well as provide further accounting and legal support to companies in Estonia as requested by the client.
We provide a full range of firm registration services in Estonia, which includes providing a legal address and drafting all the necessary incorporation documentation.

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The advantages of doing business in Estonia:

Flexible taxation system

The tax rate on retained earnings is 0%. This absence of income tax can be very advantageous for those companies that use the income earned not to make payments to natural persons, but to invest it in the future development of their business.

The biggest difference from other European countries is that in Estonia this tax-free method on reinvested earnings applies to all sectors of the economy, not just to individual sectors.

In addition, a good advantage of doing business in Estonia is that Estonian company has a possibility to acquire ownership of vehicles and real estate without any taxes.

In addition, as for the tax system in Estonia, it is clear and transparent without progressive taxes, which increase tax rates as the taxable base grows.

At the same time, Estonia has concluded international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with 59 countries, which can also confirm the transparent and simple tax system in Estonia.

Thus, this tax-free condition of receiving retained earnings is an example, which attracts investors from all countries to establish their companies in Estonia without any violation of the law or loss of finances.

Minimum annual costs

By opening a company in Estonia, further maintenance of the company will require minimal annual cash expenses, as well as the maintenance of your company’s bank account, which can be easily opened in any European payment system.

At the same time, there is no VAT (Value Added Tax) when dealing with European partners. Thus, if a firm sells goods or services to companies within or outside the EU, it is possible to avoid paying turnover tax if there is a VAT number that can be requested online.

Ease of doing business

This can be evidenced by the third place in the ranking of European countries for the establishment of startups, as well as one of the leading positions for ease of doing business in Europe.

In addition, Estonia is number one in the development of digital life and this achievement makes it possible to register a company easily and simply online, using only an e-residence card, which is also created online, or to register a company either by power of attorney or in person with a notary.

As for the e-resident card, it can be created by citizens of a foreign country, who can also become founders and board members of the company. This card enables you to manage your business remotely from anywhere in the world. With the help of such technology, you will be able to file reports, send enquiries, receive responses from government agencies, all over the internet, which requires a minimum amount of your time.

The whole process of registering a firm takes just one day. On this basis, you can open a business in Estonia at any time, without even leaving your home!

Low cost of registering a company

Estonia has a low cost of incorporating a company, which can be registered with a share capital of €0. At the same time, the standard share capital is €2,500, which can be deferred.

In this case, you can open your company with a zero contribution and pay €2,500 later when the amount is available. Thus, one of the advantages of opening a company in Estonia is that there is no need to pay share capital when setting up the company.

Eligibility for residence permits for non-residents

In case of conducting business in Estonia, a member of its board who is a citizen of a foreign country has the right to apply for a residence permit in Estonia, which is granted for up to five years.

This can also be confirmed by the fact that Estonia is by far the most loyal Baltic state in obtaining a residence permit. Thus, obtaining a residence permit will make it easier for you to manage your company with your physical presence.

Table of company registration packages in Estonia:

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Registration method with an
e-resident card
by power of attorney personal presence Additional services
Cost €700 €1100 €850 is included in the cost
Timeframes 1-5 days 5-14 days 1-5 days is included in the cost
Registering a company with an e-resident card Yes ​​Not necessary ​​Not necessary is included in the cost
Registering a company in person with a notary ​​Not necessary ​​Not necessary Yes is included in the cost
Registering a company by power of attorney ​​Not necessary Yes No is included in the cost
Certified translation of documents and powers of attorney ​​Not necessary Yes No is included in the cost
Preparation of constituent documents and articles of association Yes Yes Yes is included in the cost
Legal support and consulting Yes Yes Yes is included in the cost
Legal address service for 1 year Yes Yes Yes €150
Contact person service for 1 year Yes Yes Yes €150
Accounting Services No No No From €50 per month
Opening an account with a European payment system No No No €1500

An initial consultation on registering a company in Estonia is free of charge.

Estonia is the most favourable country for doing business in all aspects. Estonia has a transparent tax system and has a zero percent company income tax. The key aspects are simplicity and ease of incorporation, with remote control being the main advantage.

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