Cryptocurrency regulation in Lithuania

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Lithuania is one of the best jurisdictions for crypto business in Europe

The cryptocurrency market is relatively young, but every year its popularity is only growing. Many private investors see cryptocurrencies as a means of investing and storing capital, which entails large cash installments into the industry. Since the sphere of cryptocurrencies is more and more identified with investment instruments and financial markets, this area does not go unnoticed by regulatory institutions and government bodies. The European Union is no exception.

Many EU countries have already begun to develop legislative acts and regulations to regulate the activities of crypto companies. At the moment, the AML directives (4AMLD, 5AMLD) of the European Union do not establish specific requirements with cryptocurrency projects, and based on this, each EU member state has the right to establish its own criteria and requirements for enterprises operating in the field of crypto-currencies.

At the moment, Lithuania is one of the best EU jurisdictions to register crypto exchangers and start working with cryptocurrencies for the following reasons:

1) Lithuania is one of the first countries in Europe that effectively regulates crypto activities at the legislative level
2) clear and transparent requirements for obtaining a cryptocurrency license
3) short terms for obtaining a license compared to other EU countries

License for the exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies in Lithuania

The process of licensing a cryptocurrency business in Lithuania is simple and transparent: you submit an application to the regulatory body, appoint an MLRO specialist and pay the state fee. The issuance of a cryptocurrency license does not involve excessive bureaucracy, and if the company meets all the requirements, a positive result is 100% guaranteed.
There are only two types of licenses in Lithuania:
Crypto Exchange License

Companies that have this type of license can exchange virtual values (cryptocurrencies, tokens, etc.) for fiat money and back for their clients

Crypto Wallet License

Companies that have this type of license can create and manage custodial wallets, as well as provide services for storing clients’ virtual values

Note: in the text it is indicated that the company is receiving a crypto license, but in fact the process of obtaining crypto authorization is underway.

A company can receive both authorizations at the same time, or each authorization separately.

Basic requirements for obtaining a Lithuanian crypto license

Establishment of a crypto company in Lithuania

Preparation of documents

After getting acquainted with the planned activities of your company, the number of persons involved and other necessary details, our specialists will prepare the necessary list for registering your crypto business.

Company registration in Lithuania (UAB)

To obtain an authorization, it is necessary to register a limited liability company (UAB) and contribute an authorized capital of 2,500 euros (125,000 euros from November 2022). The registration process takes up to 10 days, subject to the availability of all necessary documents, and can be done completely remotely.

Structure of a crypto company (minimum requirements)

Mandatory set of participants for a Lithuanian crypto company

  • 1 shareholder – a natural or legal person, without restrictions on citizenship or residence
  • 1 director – natural person, no restrictions on citizenship or residence
  • 1 MLRO – professional experience required

At the moment, all these positions can be closed by one person. We recommend appointing a separate MLRO.

Taxes for a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania

  • Tax on dividends – 15%
  • Income tax – 15%
  • Firms with up to 10 employees and an annual gross income of less than €300,000 may be taxed at a rate of 5% corporation tax.
  • Exchange services are not subject to VAT

Banking service

Lithuanian crypto companies often use the services of payment systems that operate under a PSP / EMI license; in order to connect bank accounts, it is necessary to further study the activities of the company itself. As a rule, this requires knowledge of geography; volume and currency of payments received from clients.

The cost of obtaining a Lithuanian crypto license

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Service Price Timing
Registration of a Lithuanian crypto company from €3500 2-4 weeks
Buying a ready-made company with a license from от €7000 1-2 weeks
Package of corporate documents €250 individually
Opening a corporate account on request individually
Search / selection of a physical office on request 1-2 weeks
Search / Selection MLRO on request individually
Search / Selection of the director of the company on request individually

You will find out the full cost of obtaining the crypto authorization in Lithuania only after our specialists process the request and collect all the necessary information from you.

Obtaining a Lithuanian crypto license

Legal Framework and Requirements

Crypto business in Lithuania is regulated by the law "On fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorism of the Republic of Lithuania"

To initiate the process of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania, you will need to:

  • Notarise copy of the passports of all company members
  • Notarise a Power of attorney draft provided by our company
  • Provide a certificate of non-conviction
  • Provide a description of business processes of the project for which you are obtaining the license

Finansinių nusikaltimų tyrimo tarnyba или FNTT (Financial Crime Investigation Service или FCIU)

License revocation

According to the Law “On fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorism of the Republic of Lithuania”, the withdrawal of authorisation is provided if the company does not operate and in violation of the instructions of the supervisory authority

Crypto regulation changes in Lithuania from November 2022*

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current requirements new requirements
Authorized capital €2500 €125,000
Director can combine other positions in the company a specially appointed employee who is registered in one company and is a local resident
MLRO can combine other positions in the company a specially appointed employee who is registered in one company and is a local resident

Take the opportunity to register a crypto company under the current rules until November 2002.

*The table is in the process of being filled


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Frequently asked Questions
Who is MLRO?
Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) an employee of the company who directly interacts with FCIS, brings information to the regulator about suspicious transactions
What does FCIU do?
The Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIU) is the regulatory and supervisory authority for crypto businesses in Lithuania.
Is cryptocurrency legal in Lithuania?
The use of cryptocurrency in Lithuania is absolutely legal. To conduct business, crypto companies are subject to the “Law for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism”
Who can set up a crypto company in Lithuania?
A company can be created by any person, regardless of residence, the only thing you need to have is a certificate of good conduct.
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania?
The issued license is valid indefinitely.
How much authorised share capital do I need to deposit to open a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania?
To obtain authorisation, it is necessary to deposit the authorised capital in the amount of 2500 euros
What are the taxes for a crypto company in Lithuania?
Exchange services are not subject to VAT Income tax on dividends - 15%
15% tax is withheld from the profits of a cryptocurrency company, companies with up to 10 employees and an annual gross income of less than €300,000 may be taxed at a rate of 5% corporate tax.
How much does it cost to get a crypto license in Lithuania?
The cost of obtaining a Lithuanian license starts from €3500, and the final cost will depend on a number of factors, you can get detailed information from our specialists
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