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Registration of a firm and obtaining a crypto authorization in Lithuania on a turnkey basis in 30 days.
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A cryptocurrency authorization in Lithuania can be an effective tool for both crypto start-ups and established crypto companies.
More than 300 clients who have contacted us have already successfully obtained their licences.

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Lithuania crypto license register

We offer to obtain a crypto authorization in Lithuania within 30 days, the successful result is guaranteed!

Lithuania is a very friendly jurisdiction offering almost ideal conditions for developing business in the field of financial technologies and virtual assets. A licensing system for exchanging virtual assets and working with cryptocurrencies is being established in Lithuania since 2021. Unlike in other European jurisdictions, obtaining a licence in Lithuania is characterised by the lowest cost and simplest procedure. The Central Bank of Lithuania has a policy of allowing cryptocurrency companies and FinTech businesses to develop. The favourable infrastructure for the development of financial projects and start-ups is strengthened by the ability to obtain the relevant licences and permits for operations directly from the Lithuanian regulator. Lithuania has long been known as the jurisdiction where it is easiest to obtain a payment system licence. Lithuania has recently become a jurisdiction with a favourable environment for cryptocurrency business development.

Currently, the licensing of cryptocurrency companies in Lithuania is limited to the submission of an application form to the regulator, the appointment of an AML specialist and the payment of a state fee. The Lithuanian regulator does not check a company for compliance when issuing a licence for a cryptocurrency business, and in 99% of cases, the client who applies to us for a licence receives a favourable result.

There are two types of licences related to cryptocurrency operations in Lithuania:
Cryptocurrency storage wallet licence (Crypto Wallet Exchange).

Companies that hold this licence are authorised to operate custodial wallets of the customer’s virtual values (custodial wallets – the wallets thet are controlled by the company providing the service).

Licence for cryptocurrency exchange (Crypto Exchange Licence).

Companies that hold this licence can provide services for exchanging virtual currency for fiat currency and vice versa, as well as for exchanging one virtual currency for another virtual currency.

Lithuania is an amazing country with a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a place that has something different and exciting, then Lithuania should definitely be on your list. No matter what time of year you go, there’s always plenty of fun things to do. From its historic old towns, picturesque castles and palaces, to its untouched nature and old pagan traditions – there are many reasons why you should visit Lithuania.

Lithuania crypto license cost

Service Price Timeframe
Registration of a firm in Lithuania and obtaining 2 licences (exchange of virtual values and provision of wallet services) on request 2-4 weeks
AML specialist services on request Appointment as agreed
Opening a current account for a crypto company on request 1-5 weeks

We are acting swiftly, guaranteeing the results!

Unlike in other jurisdictions, a licence can be obtained in Lithuania in a very short time, and the result is guaranteed. Also, unlike in other jurisdictions, obtaining a cryptocurrency licence in Lithuania is the most budget-friendly.

Lithuania crypto license requirement

The licence can be obtained by Lithuanian companies or branches of foreign companies registered in Lithuania. 100% non-residents of Lithuania can be the owners and directors of the company.

The main requirement for directors and owners of a company to be able to obtain a licence is a statement of the absence of convictions.

There are also requirements that apply directly to companies operating on the basis of licences obtained. The main requirements are as follows:
Client identification

Customers must undergo appropriate check and identity verification procedures;

AML specialist

It is essential that the company has a designated anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing specialist. Our company provides a service of specially trained personnel for these positions.

Transaction accounting

The Lithuanian regulator (Financial Crime Investigation Service), as a measure to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, stipulates that the company, which holds the licence, shall keep records of all transactions related to operational activities.

Lithuania is not just a great place to visit, it’s also a great place to live and work. Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, with businesses and entrepreneurs flocking to the country. Why is this? Well, many people choose to come to Lithuania for the tax benefits, as the country has very low corporate tax rates. In addition, the cost of living is much lower in Lithuania than in many other Western European countries. This makes it a great place for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses on a tight budget.

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Lithuania - The New Crypto Haven for Startups and Businesses
Lithuania has a long history of being a crypto-friendly country. In the 15th Century, Lithuania was one of the few European nations to mint its own coins. Fast forward to today, and you will find that this tradition remains strong in the small Baltic nation. Lithuania has become an attractive destination for digital businesses operating in blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech industries. That is because investors from around the world have recognized that it is a favorable environment for new startups and businesses related to crypto and blockchain. Here’s why:
The Benefits of Choosing Lithuania as Your Crypto Haven

First and foremost, Lithuania is a great place to do business. The country has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. It has also managed to achieve one of the highest rates of economic growth despite being hit hard by the 2008 Financial Crisis. The Lithuanian economy has grown steadily as it has increasingly become a hub for various industries. The country is known for its excellent logistics and IT infrastructure. That has positioned the country as an ideal location for e-commerce businesses as well as a jurisdiction for fintech and blockchain companies. In addition, Lithuania is a very attractive destination for global investors. At the same time, the strong economy and favorable conditions have made it easier for the government to implement favorable regulations for startups and businesses in the fintech and blockchain industries.

LITH – The native cryptocurrency of Lithuania

The LITH is the native cryptocurrency of Lithuania. The government has been keen to promote the blockchain industry in the country. One way it has done that is by launching the LITH Token. The LITH is an ERC-20 token that came into existence in December 2018. The LITH Token is designed to facilitate e-government systems and online services. The token will be used by the government to offer blockchain-based e-services to its citizens. The Lithuanian e-government services currently include online voting, e-health records, and e-tax. The government intends to add more e-services that can be easily accessed through the LITH Token. The adoption of blockchain technology by the Lithuanian government has created a unique ecosystem. That is because the adoption of blockchain technology by the government has also encouraged private businesses to use the technology. As a result, Lithuania has become a destination for blockchain companies and projects. The LITH Token is also emerging as a valuable asset and tradable coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Access to a large pool of blockchain developers and professionals

There is high demand for blockchain developers and professionals in Lithuania. A large number of blockchain professionals have flocked to the country in recent years. There are a couple of reasons for this trend. First, the government has made it clear that it is pro-blockchain and pro-crypto. It has also enacted favorable legislation in this niche to attract businesses and investors. Second, Lithuanian universities produce top-notch computer science engineers who are highly skilled in blockchain technology. Graduates from these universities have become sought after candidates by various blockchain businesses. As a result, many tech companies are choosing Lithuania as their base of operations. In fact, Lithuania has emerged as the top source of blockchain talent in Europe.

Lithuania has proven to be a viable and attractive jurisdiction for blockchain companies and startups. It has a thriving blockchain and crypto ecosystem. The country boasts of a skilled workforce, a favorable business environment, and cost-effective operations. All these make it a great jurisdiction for businesses operating in the blockchain and crypto industries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is cryptocurrency legal in Lithuania?
The use of cryptocurrency in Lithuania is absolutely legal. To conduct business, crypto companies are subject to the “Law for the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism”
Which agency is regulating activities of crypto companies in Lithuania?
Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS) is the regulating and controlling agent for crypto businesses in Lithuania.
Who can set up a crypto-company in Lithuania?
The crypto-company can be established by any physical entity, regardless of residence, the only thing you need to have is a certificate of good conduct.
In what amount do I need to deposit capital in order to open a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania?
To obtain authorization, it is necessary to deposit the authorized capital in the amount of 2500 euros
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania?
The issued license is valid indefinitely.
How is a crypto company in Lithuania taxed?
Exchange services are not subject to VAT Income tax on dividends - 15% A 15% tax is withheld from the profits of a cryptocurrency company. Companies with up to 10 employees and an annual gross income of less than 300,000 euros may be taxed at a rate of 5% corporate tax.
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