Crypto license in Lithuania

Registering a company and obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania will provide you with the opportunity to offer services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and the storage of crypto assets in the legal field of the EU, as well as on the territory of other states without violating the law.

500+ of our clients have already successfully obtained licenses to work with crypto-assets in Lithuania with our help and are actively developing their projects in countries of the European Union.

Lithuanian crypto license will undoubtedly become an effective tool for your business, as a company operating in the field of cryptocurrencies is required to have a license.

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Obtaining a crypto license in Lithuania

We offer to obtain a crypto authorization in Lithuania within 30 days, the successful result is guaranteed!

Lithuania is a convenient jurisdiction for obtaining a crypto license that will be valid on the territory of Europe, and is also suitable for the installation and further operation of crypto projects and fintech businesses, in which a favorable environment is most productively combined with a simple and transparent legislative framework. The main advantages when choosing a crypto license in Lithuania include the relative simplicity of the licensing procedure for this activity, as well as a rather short time and moderate cost of obtaining authorization to work with cryptocurrency assets.

To obtain a license in the name of a company registered in Lithuania, it is necessary to prepare and submit the application according to the requirement of the regulator, develop and implement an AML policy, and appoint an MLRO or AML specialist to promptly exchange information and submit notifications of suspicious transactions to the regulator.

Due to the relatively light and flexible policy of the Lithuanian regulator FCIS, as well as a simple and understandable legislative framework and regulation in the crypto field, our clients can be 99.9% sure that they will successfully obtain a Lithuanian license.

For the introduction of a crypto business in Lithuania, it is proposed to obtain two types of crypto licenses:
Crypto Exchange License

This license entitles crypto companies to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice versa, as well as exchange one virtual asset for another.

Crypto Wallet License

Companies that obtain this license may create and manage customers’ crypto custodial wallets, as well as offer and provide the ability to store customers’ crypto assets in designated wallets.

We recommend that our customers immediately obtained both types of licenses, as this does not incur any additional costs, but significantly expands the range of potential opportunities.

Cost and terms of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania

Service Price Timeframe
Registration of a firm in Lithuania and obtaining 2 licences (exchange of virtual values and provision of wallet services) €3500 2-4 weeks
MLRO specialist services €1000 / month Appointment as agreed
Opening a current account for a crypto company €1500 1-5 weeks

Guaranteed results in a short time

Lithuanian jurisdiction, unlike other countries of the European Union, allows you to obtain a license to work with cryptocurrencies in a short time and with a minimum budget of 3,500 euros. Today, the Lithuanian regulator permits obtaining the license without the need to pass additional checks.

Basic requirements for obtaining a crypto license in Lithuania:

Both local companies and registered branches of foreign enterprises can obtain a license to work in crypto-assets in Lithuania. Non-residents of Lithuania can own a company as well as hold a director’s position in Lithuanian company, but in order to obtain a license, each of the individuals associated with the company must have a good business reputation, which is considered fully confirmed by the certificate of no criminal record. The main recommended requirements imposed by FCIS and Lithuanian legislation on crypto companies:
KYC (know your customer)

Each Lithuanian crypto-currency company must establish clear procedures for identifying and verifying the identity of clients (verification of documents, origins of funds, presence in sanctioned lists and PEP lists, etc.), as well as developed principles for the secure storage of information related to clients.

Accounting and tracking of all cryptocurrency trades and transactions

A licensed crypto company is expected to record, screen and monitor all transactions and activities of clients as a measure against money laundering and terrorist financing, as required by the regulator in Lithuania (FCIS)

MLRO specialist

It is extremely important for every company operating in the field of exchanging cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets to have a local anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing specialist among staff, whose task will be to provide the regulator with information about suspicious or untypical transactions and maintain an uninterrupted communication channel with FCIS.

Contact our sales department and we will tell you about the procedure for obtaining the license

Our company has been dealing with issues emerging in the crypto license’s obtainment process in the EU since 2015. In total, we have helped over 500 clients from different parts of the world obtain licenses. In Lithuania, our company is represented by the team of lawyers specializing in cryptocurrency and corporate law.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is cryptocurrency legal in Lithuania?
The use of cryptocurrency in Lithuania is absolutely legal. To conduct business, crypto companies are subject to the “Law for the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism”
Which agency is regulating activities of crypto companies in Lithuania?
Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS) is the regulating and controlling agent for crypto businesses in Lithuania.
Who can set up a crypto-company in Lithuania?
The crypto-company can be established by any physical entity, regardless of residence, the only thing you need to have is a certificate of good conduct.
In what amount do I need to deposit capital in order to open a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania?
To obtain authorization, it is necessary to deposit the authorized capital in the amount of 2500 euros
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Lithuania?
The issued license is valid indefinitely.
How is a crypto company in Lithuania taxed?
Exchange services are not subject to VAT Income tax on dividends - 15% A 15% tax is withheld from the profits of a cryptocurrency company. Companies with up to 10 employees and an annual gross income of less than 300,000 euros may be taxed at a rate of 5% corporate tax.
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