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Why Poland?

As the use of cryptocurrency continues to grow, the Polish government has put in place regulations to ensure the safe and secure operation of crypto businesses in the country. However, Poland is widely considered to be one of the most accessible jurisdictions in Europe for crypto businesses. This is due to several factors, including favorable regulations, low requirements and the unique procedure of company registration. Unlike other jurisdictions, Poland offers a fully remote online solution of company registration and license obtainment even for foreigners.

The requirements for obtaining a crypto authorization in Poland are the following:
share capital of 5000 PLN (approximately 1000 EUR);
having a clean criminal record;
having knowledge or experience related to the legal or practical issues related to the virtual currencies activity.

If you do not have such knowledge/experience – no worries. We provide a brief online course and issue a certificate afterwards, which is sufficient for the authorities.

  • Formation of a company from scratch and obtaining the crypto license

    Price: 2000 EUR for company formation and 2500 EUR crypto license obtaining. Term: 5-8 weeks

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  • Purchasing a ready-made Polish company with a crypto license

    Price: 7000 EUR for ready-made company with active crypto license.
    Term: 2-3 weeks

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Cost and terms of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Poland:

  • Essential Package
    4 500 Up to 6 weeks
    • Company registration
    • Crypto license obtainment
    • Legal address (1 year)
    • e-signature for 1 person
    • Standard internal AML policy
  • Full Package
    6 000 Up to 10 weeks
    • All services from the Essential Package
    • Corporate account opening for your company
    • AML training for director with a certificate issued afterwards
  • Premium Package
    7 000 Up to 10 weeks
    • All services from the Full Package
    • Hiring a local AML officer according to your criteria

The steps

The steps of setting up a company and achieving crypto license are:

Obtaining the Polish electronic signature.

In order to get access to the governmental registers and services of Poland you first will need to receive and activate an electronic signature which is recognized by the authorities.We have a unique solution for our clients, which allows to execute this process fully online, without any additional paperwork.

Registration of the company.

We will prepare and submit all the documents necessary for company registration in Polish and English languages. The only thing you will need to do – is to sign them using your new e-signature.

Entering the company in the VASP register.

In order to provide services related to crypto, the company must register its activity in the Polish VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) register. This process is also quite simple. You will just need to e-sign the documents needed and we will submit them on your behalf.

As you can see, no physical presence is required at any stage, which truly makes Poland a unique jurisdiction. We will be happy to help you fulfill all necessary requirements and guide you through every step to make the process as convenient as possible.

Ready-made companies in Poland with crypto license

Are you looking for the fastest possible solution of starting your crypto business in the EU?

Look no further than our ready-made crypto licensed companies in Poland!

With our fully licensed and operational companies, you can start taking advantage of the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market right away. Our companies are fully compliant with all relevant regulations in Poland, so you can rest assured that your investment is safe and secure.

If you are buying a ready-made crypto company it will take around 2-3 weeks to update the information in the commercial register. However, according to the Polish legislation, you will become the owner of the company from the day of the transaction. That means that you can start your activity right away!

All companies are created specifically for sale and do not have any previous activity, so you can be sure that the company you are purchasing has a clear history.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can non-resident individuals apply for a crypto license in Poland?
Yes, non-resident individuals are eligible to apply for a crypto license in Poland and can complete the registration process online.
What services can I offer with a crypto license in Poland?
With a crypto license in Poland, you can provide such services as:
  • exchange of crypto to crypto
  • exchange of crypto to FIAT and reverse
  • intermediation in exchange
  • providing crypto e-wallet service
Are there any extra fees associated with obtaining a crypto license in Poland?
All the necessary state and other fees are included in our price.
Do I have to deposit the share capital to a bank account?
There’s no need to deposit the share capital to a bank account. You can register the share capital as contributed in cash.
Does a Polish crypto company have to appoint AML Officer?
Yes, a crypto company in Poland must have a person responsible for AML. The appointment is based on a resolution of the Shareholders Meeting, which is an internal document of the company. As a result, the company is not required to appoint a separate AML Officer, with the director fulfilling these obligations
What happens after I obtain my crypto license in Poland?
Once you obtain your crypto license in Poland, you can legally operate and provide cryptocurrency-related services in the country.
Can I onboard clients from outside Poland?
Yes. Virtual asset service providers authorized in Poland are not limited by the Polish legislation and therefore, can work with clients from other countries.
How can I be sure my business will comply with all regulations and requirements?
Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of the regulations and requirements for obtaining a crypto license in Poland. We will work closely with you to ensure your business meets all necessary criteria and complies with all regulations.
Contact our sales department and we will tell you about the procedure for obtaining the license

Our company has been dealing with issues emerging in the crypto license’s acquisition process in the EU since 2015. In total, we have helped over 500 clients from different parts of the world obtain licenses and start their business. Reach us today and we will be happy to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.

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