Payment institution (PI) license in Lithuania (Europe)

A Payment institution (PI) license in Lithuania allows you to provide payment services and also make currency exchange to your customers.

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Payment institution in Lithuania

At the end of 2021, 54 payment institutions were registered in Lithuania, with a total turnover of € 3.71 billion, and with an income of € 41.01 million

A payment institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania may provide direct or related additional services:

  • money transfers
  • payment transactions
  • deposit/withdrawal of cash
  • currency exchange


A payment institution cannot issue electronic money and accept deposits from non-professional market participants

Types of Payment institution licenses

Limited license

Less stringent requirements apply to this type of license, but there are restrictions on turnover and such a company can only operate in Lithuania

License to provide account information services

The license allows you to work throughout the EU

License for unlimited activity

The license allows you to work throughout the EU and the own funds requirements specified in the Lithuanian law on payment institutions apply

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