Corporate services and FinTech solutions for crypto business in the European Union

Our company has been providing services for company registration, licensing of crypto-businesses and FinTech projects, development and implementation of effective AML/CFT procedures, opening of current accounts and connection of payment solutions for the high-risk industry since 2016. We provide accounting services for crypto companies, business consulting services, personnel recruitment and training services in the field of AML/CFT.

Cryptocurrency licences in the Czech Republic

We offer our clients to obtain a crypto licence in the Czech Republic within 30 days, the successful result is guaranteed.

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Personnel recruitment Optimisation of internal AML/CFT processes

Development and implementation of legal and economic models, as well as effective AML/CFT solutions and internal control procedures for FinTech and crypto business in the European Union. Personnel recruitment and training for the tasks set by the client.

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Registration of classic and cryptocurrency funds (AIF)

We provide services for the registration, licensing and setting up of small alternative investment funds.

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Company registration in the European Union

We provide a full range of company registration and business support services in the most popular European jurisdictions.

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Accounting services and support

We offer a full range of accounting services for classic businesses, cryptocurrency and FinTech companies.

Comprehensive corporate law services and FinTech solutions in one place

We provide company registration services, cryptocurrency and financial licensing services, accounting support services, business consulting, and we also offer solutions for establishing classic and cryptocurrency funds.

We are a team of professional consultants, lawyers and financiers specialising in corporate law. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs develop FinTech and cryptocurrency businesses within the EU.

Our employees are always aware of the latest changes in the financial and corporate legislation of the European Union.

10+ years of experience

We have been in the market
of corporate services since 2011

3,000+ clients

Individual approach and high quality of interaction with clients

500+ licences

Successfully obtained for crypto companies and FinTech projects

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