Crypto license in Europe (VASP). EU Cryptocurrency Regulation

The digital certificates, security tokens, and blockchain industry is rapidly evolving, creating new opportunities for innovative businesses. The EU’s legislative and regulatory frameworks offer efficient solutions for blockchain start-ups. Navigating this complex ecosystem can be challenging, but with our comprehensive support you will be able to make the right decision and obtain a crypto license in the most advantageous jurisdiction.

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Crypto license in Europe

A crypto license is a permit that allows businesses to legally provide virtual assets services within a specific jurisdiction. This license is typically issued by the government or regulatory body, which has to ensure that businesses are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. With a crypto license a company can provide a variety of services related to cryptocurrencies, such as setting up a cryptocurrency exchange platform, storing digital assets and issuing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Why do you need a crypto license in Europe?

Opening a crypto company in Europe offers the advantage of having a clear regulatory framework and the availability of crypto licenses and VASP registrations in different European countries. This provides legal certainty and credibility to the business, making it easier to attract investors and clients.


  • Crypto license in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    A license in Bosnia and Herzegovina allows global activities for crypto companies, with the exception of countries on the sanctions list (for example, North Korea, Iran, etc.).

    Term: 2-3 weeks
    Price: 4,000 euros

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  • Crypto license in the Czech Republic

    Ideal for European market-oriented crypto startups, supporting experimental projects; very low requirements, pretty simple and straightforward process of obtaining a cryptolicense.

    Timeframe: 3 weeks
    One-time fee: 1 500 EUR

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  • Crypto license in Lithuania

    A European Economic Area jurisdiction that is very supportive of cryptocurrency and has a large number of registered EMIs and operating within its borders. It also has stable legislation close to upcoming amendments to MiCA regulations.

    Timeframe: 3 weeks
    One-time fee: 3 500 EUR

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  • Crypto license in Poland

    Located at the heart of Europe, Poland provides a well-regulated crypto industry, additionally having quite low requirements for obtaining the license.

    Timeframe:4 – 6 weeks
    One-time fee: 5 500 EUR

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  • Crypto license in Slovakia

    Slovakia offers a supportive legal framework and a stable business environment, making it an ideal choice for crypto ventures seeking a reliable European base.

    Timeframe: 4 weeks
    One-time fee: 3 000 EUR

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  • Crypto license in Estonia

    A global leader in digital innovation, Estonia was the first country that introduced crypto licensing. Nowadays the Estonian crypto license requires a live structure in the country with several requirements, such as a physical office and an AML specialist.

    Timeframe: 8 weeks
    One-time fee: 15 000 EUR

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Our company has been dedicated to assisting enterprises in obtaining crypto licenses since the year of 2017, having offices across different countries to be able to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Our team includes experienced lawyers specializing in corporate law, who can give expert legal advice on obtaining crypto licenses, which helps our clients to save time and money. With a successful track record of over 500 clients in launching blockchain projects, we are well-equipped to assist with your case as well.

Need help choosing a jurisdiction?

Send us an application and our specialists will send you a detailed price offer for obtaining a crypto license in Europe, consult on additional issues, procedure and terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a crypto license?
A crypto license is a permit issued by a regulatory body that allows businesses to legally conduct cryptocurrency-related activities.
Is crypto currency legal in Europe?
Crypto currency usage in Europe is absolutely legal. However, the legal status and regulation of cryptocurrencies can vary by country.
How to register a crypto company in Europe?
First, you need to pick the jurisdiction to start your business and register a company. Depending on the country different requirements from the regulator will have to be met in order to obtain the license.
Which agency regulates crypto company activities in Europe?
Crypto companies are regulated by the laws of the country in which you register your company.
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Europe?
As a general rule, most of the countries authorize licenses indefinitely.
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