Crypto license in Europe (VASP). EU Cryptocurrency Regulation

The world of digital certificates, security tokens, and blockchain is rapidly evolving at every corner. Each day new opportunities arise for businesses with innovative ideas and solutions. But navigating this complex ecosystem can be challenging – especially when it comes to legal compliance. The European Union has been one of the first regions where numerous fintech startups have appeared, as well as being one of the areas with more progressive policies regarding DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Blockchain Technology adoption.

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  • Crypto license in Lithuania

    Registration of a firm and obtaining a crypto licence in Lithuania on a turnkey basis in 30 days.
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  • Crypto license in Poland

    Setting up a crypto company without leaving home

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  • Crypto license in Slovakia

    We will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with a successful result.

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  • Crypto license in the Czech Republic

    Registration of a firm and obtaining a crypto licence in Czech Republic on a turnkey basis in 15days.
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  • Crypto license in Estonia

    We provide cryptocurrency licensing services in Estonia, where cryptocurrency businesses operate in full compliance with the law.

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What is a crypto license?

A crypto license is a government-issued license required to trade or mine cryptocurrencies. The most common kind of license is a virtual currency license, which allows individuals to trade fiat currency on an exchange but not to mine cryptocurrency.

Why do you even need a crypto license in Europe?

Well, the thing is – EU authorities are currently working on the legal framework for digital assets. This process will result in the adoption of crypto licenses, which will grant companies the legal right to deal with cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. The main reason to adopt crypto licenses is to protect end users, as well as regulate crypto trading activities. EU authorities have already announced the adoption of crypto licenses, which have been already included in the proposed crypto regulations.

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There are many business opportunities that exist in Europe, and many of them are better suited to smaller businesses. The biggest thing that you need to remember about doing business in Europe is that you will want to be flexible and adaptable. You will also need to be willing to learn the local customs and laws if you want to succeed.
When it comes to opening a business in Europe, you will have a lot more options than you do in the United States. In addition, there are a lot of different taxes and fees for businesses in Europe. However, both of these things can be mitigated with proper planning and research.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is crypto currency legal in Europe?
Crypto currency usage in Europe is absolutely legal. For the purpose of business management, to conduct business, the company needs to choose the most suitable jurisdiction for running business.
How to register a crypto company in Europe?
To begin with you need to pick the jurisdiction to start your business, different countries of EU, have different taxation systems and according to the country chosen, different terms are applied to crypto companies.
Which agency regulates crypto company activities in Europe?
Crypto companies are regulated by the laws of the country in which you will register your company, and accordingly, the regulatory authorities will be different.
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Europe?
As a general rule, most of the countries authorize license indefinitely.
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