Crypto license in Slovakia

The Slovak Republic is a new growing jurisdiction due to its simple regulation and a clear process for obtaining a сryptocurrency license. We will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with a successful result.

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What services can you offer to your clients?

The Slovak сrypto license allows you to carry out all the essential operations to set up your own crypto exchange:
Exchange of virtual currency to fiat currency;
Exchange of fiat currency to virtual currency;
Exchange of virtual currency to another virtual currency;
Storage of virtual currency on behalf of your clients;
Transfer of virtual currency between wallets.

You are not limited in the volume of transactions and will be able to offer any available cryptocurrencies and fiat funds that you want.

Cost and terms of obtaining
a cryptocurrency license in Slovakia:

    3 000 Up to 4 weeks
    • Company registration
    • Crypto license obtainment
    • Legal address for 1 year
    • Standard internal AML rules
    4 000 Up to 6 weeks
    • All services from the Standard Package
    • Corporate account opening for your company
    • Legal opinion about your type of activity
    4 500 Up to 6 weeks
    • All services from the Full Package
    • Accounting consultation
    • EU director appointment

Requirements for obtaining a crypto authorization in Slovakia are the following:

share capital of 5000 EUR – can only be registered;
having a clean criminal record;
director with European residence*.

*Please note that if you require the services of a European director, we are ready to help you.

The steps

The steps of setting up a company and achieving crypto authorization are as follows:
Prepare power of attorney and KYC documentation

When the company structure is clear, we will send you drafts of all the necessary documents we will need to register a company in Slovakia on your behalf and obtain crypto authorization. Usually providing us with a client’s profile, power of attorney, copy of the passport, proof of address and certificate of no criminal record is sufficient for the process.

Set up a company in Slovakia

We will receive the original documents from you, translate them into Slovak and book a notary deal for the company registration. The share capital can be paid both by money transfer and as a non-monetory contribution. The final decision is yours.

Register company as a VASP

In order to provide services related to crypto, the company must be registered in the Commercial register as a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider). This process will take up to 5 working days. You don’t need to do any additional moves.

It is essential to note that in order to register a company, it will be necessary to perform a minimum of actions from your side. Having prepared a basic package of documents and sent it to us, you can be sure that you will have a crypto company in Europe.

Contact our sales department and we will tell you about the procedure for obtaining the license

Our company has been dealing with issues emerging in the crypto license’s acquisition process in the EU since 2015. In total, we have helped over 500 clients from different parts of the world obtain licenses and start their business. Reach us today and we will be happy to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for appointing a director to the Slovak VASP?
This person must be a resident of one of the countries of the European Economic Area. There are no other criteria provided by law.
Are there any extra fees for a crypto license in Slovakia?
All the necessary fees are included in our cost.
What happens when all the steps are done?
Once you obtain a crypto license in Slovakia, you can legally operate and provide cryptocurrency-related services without any limitations.
Can I on-board non-EU clients?
Yes. VASP authorized in Slovakia not limited by the legislation on a territorial basis. If the local legislation of the selected country has no restrictions, then you can provide such services worldwide.
What is the validity period of a cryptocurrency license in Slovakia?
The issued license is valid indefinitely.

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